BORN 14.06.66
AGE 51
HEIGHT 185cm


Jon's obsession with bikes began with a Raleigh sport boy's bike on his 7th birthday, in distant 1973. Growing up in Palerston North, cycling was a ticket to independence (and to leaving Palmy if you rode enough). Jon worked at a bike shop after school but didn't take up racing until 2003, after touring 5000km around Europe on a fully-loaded touring bike gave him an unfair training base. Jon has been a lifelong commuter, occasional tourer, and an annoyingly opinionated lover of the simple joy of riding a proper bicycle. In 2012 Jon turned his evangelical love of cycling to good use by writing the book Easy Rider: A Kiwi's Guide to Cycling (Penguin 2012 - available in all good book stores, and some quite average ones too). Jon is also a tv presenter, producer and sought-after public speaker. He is currently the producer of TV3's 7 Days, but has failed to convince any of the comedians to ride a bike. Jon has been an Avanti Ambassador since about 2007, and during that time has been extremley proud to maintain his unbroken record as Avanti's slowest sponsered rider.

Proudest Bike Moment: When opening the garage on the morning of my birthday in 1973 to see my brand new, gleaming maroon bike. That new bike feeling doesn't go away and it felt the same to pick up my new Avanti Corsa SL (which, pleasingly, was also a slightly better bike!)

Jon's BIKE


Favourite Reults:

Passed a guy training on his $15,000 Euro fancybike on the way to work yesterday. Also K2 2003, 5th, Nationals Masters 2003 1st, Auckland Champs 2003 2nd, 2003 Masters 1st, 2009 Counties Manukau C Grade Winter Series Champion.