Cameron Brown heads to Phuket - Cameron reports from Japan on his way to the Phuket Ironman 70.3

Konichiwa from Japan,

I've been in Tokyo, Japan for the last four days and I'm now getting ready to fly to Phuket, Thailand for there 70.3 Half Ironman this coming Sunday. It's great to be back in Tokyo after 15years. I spent many years here racing in Team Epson travelling the country and competing in some of the hottest events I have ever raced in. It's a little different being here in late November as it's freezing cold. I was here for a bike race, that my old manager put on and it was so cold!  It snowed the night before and the race was cut short from a 6km loop to a 1.1km loop for safety reasons. It was a great event and the longest criterium race I have ever competed in, I ended up doing around 100 laps so was rather dizzy by the end, but it was a great workout and gave me some good speed for this coming weekends race. I have a seminar in Tokyo tomorrow night and then will be flying out to Phuket. This weekends race has 2x World Ironman Champion Chris McCormack on the start line along with Chris Leito of the US, and others of course, so it will be a tough race.

I'll let you know how I go as soon as I finish. 


Kind regards

Cameron Brown