Wise boardroomThe short answer is yes and it’s because of the way our bodies are designed. Compare yourself to a man of about the same size, and chances are you’ll notice you have longer legs, but a shorter torso and shorter arms. Your shoulders are probably narrower, but your hips and sit bones are wider. And, typically, your hands and feet will be smaller. These differences mean bikes for women, no matter what kind of rider you are, need to be designed in a specific way to ensure good comfort, fit and performance. That’s where WISE comes in.


Women + Insights + Science = EXCELLENCE

To design the best bikes for women we needed an approach that centred on three key design ingredients:

Wise boardroom

Women (of course!)

At the heart of the design process is a group of women who ride different kinds of bikes in different ways. They are the Avanti WISE women. They include mums, mountain bikers, road cyclists, triathletes and elite athletes.

We seek them out so they can tell our designers (who are both women and men) how we can do things better and improve the cycling experience for all women.


Our WISE women tell us what works best for them through focus groups, discussion, demonstration, experimentation and evaluation. We use these insights to inspire us to deliver bikes that provide a superior ride for women. This means high levels of efficiency and comfort.


This is where the knowledge is applied and the technology kicks in. Our bike designers and engineers take insights and ideas and turn them into frames with woman specific geometry. These frames are then matched with the right components to suit a female riding style and physical differences such as shoulder width and hand size.


The outcome: bikes that are simply superior for women to ride.

Whether you ride to the shops with the kids, do trails with your friends or race to the finish line, an Avanti will just feel right. You’ll enjoy a bike, specifically designed for women, that rides superbly and looks striking. We’ve done the research, the thinking and the development so you can have the confidence to just relax and ride.

Look for the WISE symbol at your nearest Avanti dealer today.