Finalist in the Best Design Awards - Avanti Corsa ER

Best Design Awards Finalist 2015

Honoured to hold six Best Design Awards to date, we’re pleased to be selected as a finalist in the 2015 Best Design Awards for our new platform, the Avanti Corsa ER.

The Corsa ER is our new endurance road bike platform; using new damping technology and an evolved, forward looking product design language.

Hundreds of hours of real world and simulated testing and analysis were undertaken in the design of the Corsa ER. The performance brief was to significantly improve stiffness where possible whilst also providing ultimate compliance and damping for enduring long distance rides across a variety of road terrain, including hard chip commonly found on Australasian roads and unsealed gravel roads.

A closer look at the Corsa ER:

The front end of the bike is reduced to a number of twisting planar surfaces. The result is a confident and controlled sculptural front end that is clearly differentiated from the amorphous styling of competitor’s bikes. This planar approach is also expressive of function - a strong and torsionally stiff front end is a desirable attribute in a bike frame as it maximises efficiency and ease of handling.

The down tube continues this expression of stiffness all the way to the bottom bracket. The sides of this profile twist away from a triangular section into a powerful box shape before splitting into twisted box section chain stays.

The rear triangle of the Corsa ER frame above the bottom bracket offers a similarly visual description of function. Taught boxy shapes give way to softer sections and more fluid transitions, adding flexibility in a part of the structure where this is critical to its damping function.

Our integrated seat clamp technology is again employed, keeping the frame minimal and clean.


A complex bike mounted data system, with technology adapted from the motorsport industry, was used to measure the acceleration differential between the wheels (the road) and the seat and handlebars (the rider) on various bike frames, including existing Avanti models, prototypes and competitors’ frames. Finite element analysis was then used to measure and compare the performance of design concepts against this data before committing to the tooling of multiple sizes. The net result was a 57% improvement in overall damping.

The Corsa ER incorporates the latest standards in road bike components such as Shimano’s new flat-mount disk brakes and thru-axle wheel hubs. A damping stem and seat post also compliment the entire riding package.

Winners are announced October 9, 2015


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